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Ultra Freezers (-75C) for Vaccine Storage in Hungary

Hungary are utilising various CV-19 vaccines and TITAN have delivered several ArcticStores for temperature controlled vaccine storage at all temperatures.


Modernizing the Seafood Cold Chain in Indonesia

This project was so successful and the local advantages so significant that the national logistic company decided to implement a national cold-chain logistic network based on Arctic range of products.

indonesia fish.jpeg

Storing Chilled Foods for an Airport Catering Company

All ArcticStores were rented for long term and the catering company built platforms, loading & unloading areas with shelter. 

airport 2.jpeg

Climate Controlled Storage for Greece's Largest Dairy Producer

These cold storage units are the perfect match for Greece’s high temperatures, and are monitorable from anywhere, which is perfect for an enterprise of this size in so many different locations.

dairy greece.jpeg

Ice Bars & Events

For the Christmas season this customer offered their guests and patrons drinks at -20°C.

ice bar 1.jpeg

Storage of Fruits & Vegetables at Flea Markets

The installation of 9 ArcticStores in the historic centre of Athens during the Flea market renovation.

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