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Cold Logistics & Last Mile

Vietnam's economy is growing so rapidly that the cold chain management in Vietnam can't keep up. Up to 10% of meat spoils in the last mile. 


Our insulated containers (up to 1200L in volume) can keep goods frozen for 3+ days with no external electricity requirements.


The boxes come in different varieties to meet the needs of modern logistics in Vietnam, ever more demanding in terms of cost, quality, safety and responsiveness.

Can be transported nationally in Vietnam by regular trucks and via rail, saving the need for refrigerated trucks which are more expensive and less reliable.

End to end cold chain, from cold room to display

We can do all the dirty work, starting with pick-up of the cargo from your cold room or refrigerated warehouse. Using our olivo boxes, we then consolidate and then transport across the country. Then we deconsolidate and deliver to your chosen destination.

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What's your type?

We have the perfect solution to fit your needs. Top-opening chest style refrigerated container and front-opening cabinet style containers to get your goods from A to B. Depending on your specifications we have additional models that are built-for-purpose to maintain extreme temperatures in difficult conditions.

Last Mile Logistics

Designed to fit in the back of a motorbike or stacked in any delivery truck, our last mile boxes are guaranteed to maintain product freshness all the way to the customer's doorstep.

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Good for the environment,
Good for your bottom line.

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Make your cold chain distribution bulletproof in 5 easy steps.

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